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Managing Performers


When a GP starts to work in a primary care setting, they must be included on the National Performer List for England. 

Administration for the National Performer List must be completed by the GP using PCSE Online. 

GP Practice responsibilities

A GP Practice's responsibility is to approve or reject any requests made by the GP where it involves their GP Practice.

The following actions a practice will receive a request for are:

  • GP joining the practice
  • GP leaving the practice
  • GP changing role at the practice (salaried to principal/GP partner)
  • GP resigns or retires

Find out more about how to approve changes using the link below:

Joiner and Leaver process

The approval of GPs joining or leaving the practice is Performer List related. However, this process is closely linked to the pensions process. 

For more information about the joiner and leaver process, click the link below.

Performers List for England

There is a website that can be used to search for GPs who are included in the Performers List for England.