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User Management


Access to PCSE Online is controlled by users at the practice who have user management or user administrator roles. 

A user management role cannot register performers for PCSE Online. 

There are four user management roles in PCSE Online that allow organisations to manage user access, permissions and roles for our online services.

These roles are:

  • GPP Practice User Administrator
  • PL Organisation Administrator
  • Opto User Management (Organisation)
  • Main Contact

If you have one of these roles, you are responsible for the user management of PCSE Online access within your organisation. 

You can create new users, deactivate existing users and amend existing user permissions and personal details. Please click here to read more about the User Administrator roles and responsibilities.

If you are a primary care colleague who is unable to access PCSE Online, please speak to your organisation's main contact or user administrator and ask them to provide you with the appropriate access. PCSE can assist with the set up of the user management roles if you have no main contact or user administrator in place. 

You can find out more about user management for each of our online services using the links at the top or bottom of the page.


Below you will find help and guidance for:

  • creating, managing and deactivating users, assigning permissions to existing users across all PCSE Online services

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