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About Consolidation

Consolidation applications can be submitted directly to PCSE via PCSE Online. These applications will be processed by the Pharmacy Market Administration Services (PMAS).

Learn more about the advantages to submitting your application via PCSE Online
  • Automatic tracking and updates - you can log in at any time to see where your application is at
  • Reduction in errors – the online service will prompt the user when a field has been missed or is required to be completed, reducing the amount of incomplete sections’
  • Easy to use - the system will guide you through the process. Please click here for extra guidance and support if required.
  • Payments via Bank Transfer - the systems payment section provides the relevant details required to action a bank transfer for payment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - as with all online services, submitting your application electronically means there is no need for paper forms or cheques to be submitted

Submitting a new Consolidation application

If you are set up to use PCSE Online, you can get started with your Consolidation application, using the link below. 

If you are not already registered and set up to use PCSE Online, please contact PCSE by email on or use the link below.

Consolidation application forms are also available here.


If paying by Bank Transfer, please send your application and any supporting documents to

You must provide a covering letter clearly stating that you would like to pay the fee by Bank Transfer. 

You will be issued a unique payment reference code that you must use when making payment.

Existing Consolidation application

If you have an existing consolidation application, all correspondence should now be directed to PCSE.

Further support

You can also use the links below for more information from the Pharmacy Manual and Community Pharmacy England guidance.

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