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Market Entry

About Market Entry

All applications/notifications can be submitted, tracked, viewed & edited online via the PCSE Online Portal.

The online system allows you to navigate through the correct application/notification process whether you are a Body Corporate, Sole Trader, Partnership or Dispensing GP.

Reduce your carbon footprint by submitting your application electronically, as there is no need for paper forms or cheques to be submitted via post. Applicants can now pay online via a bank transfer. 

​ The applications and notifications below can be made using PCSE Online.

List of applications and notifications that can be made on PCSE Online
Change of Director and/or Superintendent - Pharmacy​Change of Location (Neighbouring HWB)​
Change of Director - DAC​Change of Ownership
Identified Current Need​Combined Change of Ownership and change of location (Same HWB)​
Identified Future Need​Combined Change of Ownership and change of location (Neighbouring HWB)​
Identified Improvements or Better Access​Right of Return​
Identified Future Improvements or better access​Dispensing GP – Outline consent & Premises Approval​
Unforeseen Benefits​Dispensing GP – Relocation before outline consent​
Distance Selling​
Dispensing GP – Relocation after outline consent
Change of Location (Same HWB)Consolidation

From April 2024, PCSE will no longer process payments made by cheque. Therefore, application fee payments must be made via bank transfer. 

When your application documentation is received via email to or by post to Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN, a member of the Pharmacy Market Administration Services (PMAS) team will contact you via email. 

You will be issued with a unique payment reference code for you to use when you make payment.

Please refrain from making payment until you have been issued a payment reference code.

If submitting via PCSE Online, you must select the bank transfer option and use your application number as your payment reference code. 

Getting started

Register using the tile below to get started - this will open an email in your default email program. If you're already registered, click below to log in to PCSE Online.

Further support

Visit our Resources page for a wealth of information to help you with your Market Entry application.

If you encounter any difficulties in using PCSE Online, please contact

If you require access to the paper versions of the forms, you can use the link below.

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